Social media agency services for small businesses

We know that when you have a small business it is frustrating to know how to start managing your social networks, surely you only think of the strategy of attracting followers as the main focus, but this goes much further, that is why we share some recommendations with you (for example, the hire a good social media agency) that will surely help you to focus on your goals and lay the foundations to achieve it.

Create a plan for each social media channel

If your plan is not clear and focused, you will probably lose a lot of time. Many small businesses make the mistake of blindly integrating social media marketing without a strategy or plan.

If you can’t answer questions like “Why are you on social media?” Or “What social media platform is your target audience on?” Then it’s time to hit the reset button. Start writing a plan with your team so you can use it as a reference when needed.

Your social media plan should include mini-plans for each social media channel you want to appear on. You will have a plan for Twitter, Facebook, etc.

What a Social Media Strategy Should Include

A very common mistake is thinking that publishing something every day of the week is enough for our brand to reach its target audience. This is not true, we always have to strategize based on our goals.

The best way to provide diverse, engaging, and quality content is by interspersing engagement, sales, brand, and news posts. Each social network has its own rhythm, but 3 to 5 publications per week are recommended, always looking for new information. It is better to do 3 high-quality posts per week instead of 7 repetitive ones.

Creating giveaways, pay-per-click events or themed posts with a certain date for your small business is a great option to increase followers and retain existing ones. For Mother’s Day, for example, be prepared to launch a giveaway 15 days before May 2. On the same day, the publication will be used to congratulate all the mothers and give the results of the draw.

A very important point for the management of a brand’s social network is that we must introduce ourselves to our followers, showing them creative messages that invite them to make comments, surveys, among others, without forgetting to show as much as possible how the business is inside.

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Analyze the social network that can serve in your niche for your small business

Your products and services, your brand personality, your type of business, all should influence your channel choices. Highly visual brands like graphic designers and artists should explore DeviantArt, Dayflash, and Instagram, among others, while large B2B companies should definitely put LinkedIn at the top of their list.

But the channel selection is not black and white. Many large companies have visually stunning brands that are well represented on Instagram, such as Apple. Again, creative operations are still businesses and can benefit from what LinkedIn has to offer. Some channels have broad appeal, like Instagram, while others are more niche, like DeviantArt. You just have to weigh what makes sense for your business and understand that what your company does determines the network options available to choose from.

Research your competitors and others in your industry

Another important step in developing one or a social media strategy is a competitive analysis. The many insights provided by this analysis include:

What platforms are they using? And from this analyze what works and what doesn’t, how engaged are viewers on each channel?

While you shouldn’t be doing something just for a competitor, it helps to know what others in their field are doing so you’re making an informed decision.

We hope that this information will be very useful for your small business, put them into practice and you will surely begin to obtain good results and of course if you are looking for expert advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

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