Traveller Review Awards a great prize given to our client

Today we want to tell you great news: thanks to the services that Mundo Digital provides to one of our clients: Angel Townhouse and the teamwork between them and us, our client received the 2023 Traveller Review Awards from

Stay until the end so you can learn a little more about the services we provide to this client and this great prize that was awarded to them by

What does the Traveller Review Awards consist of?

The Traveller Review Awards that does every year to its accommodation, car rental and airport taxi providers, are a program that it uses to reward the hospitality, dedication and effort of each of the collaborators on the platform., for making it possible for all customers to enjoy their trips to the fullest.

You will be able to consult on the internet all the winners of the Traveller review awards 2022, Traveller Review Awards 2021 winners and, in general, the winners of all the editions of this award up to now (11 years).

Conditions to opt for Traveller Review Awards

To opt for this recognition from, two minimum conditions must be met:

  • A minimum of reviews from travelers
  • Average score of the comments between 8 and 10 (this score is made by Booking and is based on the average of all customer comments published both in the booking app and on the web).

Among all those selected, the winners are chosen thanks to the number of verified comments from each client who uses the services of the partners through Booking.

So if you are a member, strive to offer the best service to your customers so that they show their satisfaction and leave some very good comments that will make give a good score to participate for this award.

What is Angel Townhouse?

Angel Townhouse is a Boutique hotel located in the London district of Islington. The property is located 3.3 km from Emirates Stadium, 3.5 km from King’s Cross Theater and 3.7 km from Euston Station.

The hotel offers three-star rooms with free Wi-Fi that stands out for its cleanliness, location, excellent work staff, a very good relationship between quality and price, great comfort and very good facilities and services offered.

How did Angel Townhouse and Mundo Digital work to receive this recognition?

Thanks to the support that Mundo Digital provides to Angel Townhouse in the automation and management of certain processes related to:

  • the reserves
  • payment management
  • specific customer requests
  • delivery of access codes to the hotel and rooms
  • and in general communication services and customer service

Customers are increasingly happy to stay at the Boutique hotel and of course leave their comments and recommend Angel Townhouse as an ideal place to stay in this area of ​​London.

Mundo Digital’s services to this client have no other purpose than to support business processes so that business owners can concentrate on other more important things, for example, growing their business!

Thanks to this joint work, Booking recognized and sent Angel Townhouse this comment notifying the recognition of the Traveller Review Awards 2023:

“Congratulations on winning this year’s Traveler Review Awards!

The 2023 Traveler Review Awards recognize the efforts of partners like you and all the times you went above and beyond for travelers. Your scores show your hospitality as well as your hard work and dedication.”

As you can see, the result of a job well done on both sides is the key to success and, in this case, obtaining great recognition that not only makes us proud but also encourages us to continue working hard to obtain many more results. and that customers are the most benefited.

If you consider that Mundo Digital can support you in your business processes, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be willing to work with your projects and ventures.

Visit our website so you can learn more about our services and we can hold a meeting to understand your business and tell you how we can help you!

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